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#1 2017-12-07 11:25:49

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less big too board

finished product too less big too board the effect sells at a discount greatly. The plank after burnish polish still cannot be worn urgently procrastinate go going up lacquer,composite floor tiles  going up Qi Qian needs to assure big board absolutely and dry. We need to procrastinate to undertake stoving in stoving equipment, can not look down upon this measure, big board service life is stoving craft decides partly greatly very. The time of

stoving is too long, big board meeting becomes very fragile; The time of stoving is too short, big board interior still remains a large number of moisture, when no matter be,indoor outdoor decorative panel which kinds of circumstance can bring about later period use extremely easy craze, service life nature also shortens many. Experienced an innumerable trials and hardships, can go up eventually lacquer. Every real wood is big board connect varnish of

path of the 3~4 on regular meeting, how to build a sitting rail on a deck on one lacquer such as need of every Qi Dou just can continue to fluctuate after complete airing together, the process that await is endless and fill what expect completely. . . Good, finished a real wood eventually to here big board make. Where can still see now original and ordinary the shadow that does not have strange log, below lamplight the plastic plant pots manila grain Yi Yi of log is born brightness,


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