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packages to the floor

<p>the floor shop, only to find the color, this time will result in a loss. And general floor vendors sent to the floor will let you sign the receipt, once you sign, it means that the quality of the floor recognized. Third, because the laying of the floor, the home has been basically completed, so when the workers again to the scene should remind the </p>
<p>workers to avoid bumping finished products. Workers in the kick off the foot plate, the installation of the front door bead, the lower end of saw door sleeve, to tell workers clearly, where can not drill, can not saw, so as not to damage the original pipes and pipe. This is a crucial point, and many owners I know have encountered nailing to kick </p>
<p>the water pipes. Fourth, before construction, workers need to re-verify a predetermined direction and method of laying. In addition to open a few more packages to the floor, with the workers - check the floor color texture changes, to determine random laying, or sub-depth, color and then laying. You can put some suits are not very </p>
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