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province shares ability

1 comes June, complete province shares ability of 10 states city to change investment to maintain growth, than last year the corresponding period increases 4. Among them, kunming city waterproof bend a board grows 12.6% compared to the same period, Qu Jing city grows 14.1% , Yu Xi city grows 27.2% , clear connects city to grow 59.6% ,

Li Jiang city grows 30.6% , Pu Er city grows rustic pavilion building plans 39.9% , autonomous prefecture of the Yi nationality of red river the Hani nationality grows 12.8% , autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of Wen Shan Chuang.

Chengdu qualitative check 9 batch joinery disadvantages of wall paneling board formaldehyde exceeds bid    On August 7, industrial and commercial bureau announced the Chengdu City 2017 joinery of the 2nd quarter board result of product quality sampling observation, 9 batch joinery build a flower pot from land scape timber board unqualified, entire presence formaldehyde exceeds mark issue.


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