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retardant properties

<p>according to the quality control process sheet of each order, conduct the monitoring from the key quality control points in the whole process of raw material inspection and production to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the company's quality system and customer's needs. Second line of defense, the Institute of Testing Center: </p>
<p>Head Testing Center has the most advanced testing equipment, responsible for each batch of raw materials and finished products of the physical and chemical properties testing to ensure foolproof. Test items include free formaldehyde, TVOC, heavy metal content, flame retardant properties, water absorption coefficient of expansion, </p>
<p>adhesive strength, immersion stripping, geothermal resistance (anti-cracking test), static buckling strength and so on. The third line of defense: independent inspection of wooden inspection station in Zhejiang Province: Bunny flooring in the industry's first independent third-party quality supervision system specifically hired Zhejiang Wood </p>
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