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effects on the ridge; if the floor is low

<p>example, the water vapor from the outer wall will infiltrate and cause adverse effects on the ridge; if the floor is low, The moisture on the ground will also penetrate through the concrete. Therefore, these locations are the places where bamboo charcoal should be laid emphasis on and need to be paved according to the standard. In severe cases, the laying of bamboo charcoal will exceed the </p>
<p>standard amount to achieve the desired result. 2, with the amount of standard dosage, according to the test report is 1 square area using 1kg of bamboo charcoal particles can be achieved to prevent ridge ridge deformation, moldy, extending the life of the floor, the specific amount according to the actual situation. Such as the low floor in the room than the floor will be more than the amount of </p>
<p>high, because the impact of moisture on the ground will be relatively large, while the floor is high, in this regard the amount of carbon can be reduced accordingly or less appropriate shop. If the floor is bordered by the living room, the amount of carbon used may be less than under the floor bordering the bathroom and kitchen. Of course, it is best to shop according to the standard amount, which is </p>
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