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used to wipe the floor

<p>the role of dust. 2, just put a plastic bag on the mop head, hair loss will be due to static adsorption onto the plastic bag. 3, direct suction with a powerful vacuum cleaner, both suction dust and hair. 4, wipe with a wet rag, wet rag in the water can absorb the hair. 5, the shabby stockings used to wipe the floor, or the old stockings set on the </p>
<p>broom, the use of sweeping the static adsorption of hair on the stockings above. 6, the double-sided tape affixed to the rag, the whole affixed to the side, sticky broken hair is very convenient, even if the hair in the cracks between the brick and brick are very easy to clean. You can also use a wide adhesive tape cloth sofa, sheets, sweaters on </p>
<p>the hair. 7, to find a paint roller brush, put a rubber sheet on the roller above, you can stick the hair. When finished, just torn off the offset paper on the line. 8, reduce the hair from the source. People who use the hairbrush can put a pair of clean stockings over them and let the combs pass through stockings. Such hair, the hair will fall off the </p>
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