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detect the result gives

18 when 40 minutes, detect the result gives heat, among them the water PH value that sewage discharges a mouth is 10.8, did not accord with discharge a standard, composite edging 6 inch tall the water PH cost that workshop storm sewer collects rainwater manager west is 4.88, also did not accord with discharge a standard, ammoniac nitrogen content is 24.8mg/L, discharge highest value 15mg/L of the standard more than likewise.

Main controller represents Sheng state municipal government, violate the problem such as compasses blowdown, blowdown exceeding bid to what the enterprise exists, best product for outdoor decking material sheng state city will set according to relevant law, undertake to the enterprise gravity is investigated, violate compasses problem to instruct rectify and reform instantly,

in the meantime, sheng modern multi deck organs city still will spread out carpet type go on a tour of inspection to enterprise blowdown circumstance, carry high-pressured state, cogent the happening that takes strict precautions against an environment to pollute 4x8 chain link panels incident.


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