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flooring is not high

<p>has color, do not give up paving, reasonable with it in the right place, or after sawing part of the use, but also can improve the pavement rate. Bamboo flooring in the Chinese market is still a relatively young vocabulary, but abroad, the bamboo flooring has been accepted by many people and recognized as the domestic awareness of </p>
<p>bamboo flooring is not high, most of the bamboo flooring business for export, Bamboo flooring in China is facing an awkward position. Non-standard development of the industry According to a bamboo floor brand dealers, bamboo flooring market price of about 200 yuan / square meters, some personalized wall boards higher prices. </p>
<p>'Bamboo warm in winter and cool in summer, its wear resistance is good, feel good, with our sale, I think buy a bamboo flooring to buy than the cost of solid wood flooring is much higher than the laminate flooring to be durable, environmentally friendly, Low carbon. 'The dealer also pointed out the awkward situation of the bamboo flooring </p>
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