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#1 2017-12-05 04:31:27

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technology measure production

mix into slop paper through technology measure production all sorts of paper provide a product, because environmental protection consciousness is thin, 20 foot decking boards in colorado the solid trash open air such as mud of pulp of the part in producing a course and makings of industrial cloth foot piles up, affected circumjacent environment and dweller life.

"The solid trash that piles narrow internal deckings Denmark up to plant area civil strife wants to be deposited in the standard inside 72 hours. " main controller represents municipal Party committee, municipal government, the enterprise wants to be rectified and reform plastic composite stone veneer panel instantly, hidden trouble of cleared pollution source,

relevant section should be depended on lawfully compasses undertake investigating, and platoon of draw inferences about other cases from one instance examines relevant cheap patio floor ideas issue. Tung country city will be chance with superintend of this central environmental protection, think over deeply to the problem of existence, draw a lesson,


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