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floor cleaner to area

<p>leave a mark on the wooden floor. So the question is, how to deal with the pet scratches on the wooden floor? Paint on the floor: 1. Vacuum the floor with a vacuum cleaner. 2. Use wooden floor cleanser for cleaning, then use the super fine fiber cleaning pad or water spray mop to handle, then according to the instructions to apply the </p>
<p>wood floor polish. 3. The light agent on the wooden floor can repair small and small scratches. 4. If you are not sure how deep the scratches are, and if you need to polish the floor, we suggest that you contact professional wood floor technologists who will provide you with appropriate advice. Grease the floor: 1. Vacuum the floor with a </p>
<p>vacuum cleaner. 2. Spray oil floor cleaner to area and dry properly. 3. Apply the oil maintenance agent according to the instructions, and then use the superfine fiber cleaning pad for treatment. If you still think the scratches are visible: 1. Use ultra-fine sandpaper to polish the area. 2. Oil, and make sure you choose the same oil as </p>
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