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wood flooring market will not be calm

<p>appropriate way to suit their own circumstances. Jiangnan wet, compared to the northern region is more suitable for laying solid wood flooring. Before laying,<a href=''>synthetic wood decking jakarta</a> we must pay attention to nine points: 1. When the ground is too high, the wooden keel to deal with the plane, but the thickness of the keel shall not be less than 20mm. 2.The ground is not dry, can not shop; 3.Excipients used are not dry, can not shop; 4.The construction period is too short, can not complete the process, can not shop; 5.Complex cross construction serious, can not shop; , Too harsh, can not shop; 7.heights of a stockade fence wood kitchen, bathroom did not do closed water test can not be shop; 8. Prohibited the use </p>
<p>of steam nail fixed keel and mats and keel and wood; 9. wooden keel, A 5mm ~ 10mm gap, to facilitate ventilation, to prevent the floor from damp arch. Strengthen the floor you can use the direct bonding method:<a href=''>plastic laminate flooring waterproof</a> the floor glue is about to stick directly to the ground.wooden cladding interior walls in india This method of construction requires that the ground must be particularly dry, smooth and clean. Consumer Tip: Consumers in the shop floor before, we must find a professional paving the floor workers, ordinary furniture or doors and windows carpentry is badly paved floor. China Forestry Industry Association held the third meeting of the floor lock intellectual property at the State </p>
<p>Forestry Administration to study how to cope with the increase of the floor cost caused by intellectual property issues. Sold floor will also be charged 0.65 US dollars /<a href=''>interstate visions cedar grain vinyl fence</a> square meter cost According to the China Forestry Industry Association floor lock intellectual property rights working group responsible person introduced at present our own enterprises to apply for a total of more than a thousand pieces of floor patents,composite deck railing labor rates involving floor locks Dozens of patents, mainly utility model patents; compared with dozens of foreign patents, but mainly patents for inventions. Valinge and Unilin, the major foreign patent holders, have applied for more than a dozen </p>


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