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businessman does small

particieboard businessman does small to go up on the price tone, the price rises in 1-2 yuan / piece. Show level, guangdong market quote of businessman of particieboard 6ft trellis planter argos of 1220 × 12mm is in 2440 × 50-53 yuan / Zhang Zun is right.

Environmental protection is severe check, heibei restricts stop production of 3000 plank factory    According to the report, article of city of Heibei province Langfang build a platform deck using concrete blocks installs a county plant of nearly 3000 plank already was shut to stop by the announcement. This will affect plank market of home and obtain employment opportunity directly. About 10 thousand employee suffers in grill pad for wood deck the business that gets an effect employ.

A few enterprises are asked to recombine equipment to ask in order to obtain environmental protection, some enterprises are encouraged province of change village coming home, decking in norway if Shandong Shandong is faced clear, liaoning Benxi, xinjiang Yan over sixty years of age.


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