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the first domestic laminate flooring

So Meng Tingwei up to 7 digits endorsement took over the floor endorsement of a product. It is reported that Meng Ting Wei will soon be shooting the product advertising. The celebrity endorsement of the wind when the scratch, then the consumer to judge.
Laminate flooring, from imported luxury goods to Made in China. Laminate flooring in 1995 as a luxury to enter the Chinese market, in 1997 up to the floor to launch the first domestic laminate flooring in 2002 China's wood flooring manufacturers reached more than 3,000 in 2003.
the domestic sales of laminate flooring increased to 45 million square meters In 2007, the main competition in the wood flooring market has become the quality and service ...... In the past ten years, China's laminate flooring industry has experienced from scratch,
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