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witness the floor

<p>nearly 70%. China Top Ten flooring brand, floor selection of the top ten brands, is committed to focus on the authority of the industry focus on the industry, with real data to restore the brand influence, witness the floor of the professional business card brand building results to select the results for the intention to franchisees and consumers To </p>
<p>provide a reliable basis for selection, promote the brand building industry, build a good consumer environment, to lead and meet a higher level of consumer demand. Additional awards New category power can not be ignored Industry, business, brand development, inseparable from a group of brave promoters. Jack Ma opened the era </p>
<p>of big data in China as the prophet of the DT era in China. Yao was the first cabinet owner to introduce the European 'whole kitchen' into China and pioneered the cabinet industry in China. He laid the foundation for Vanke and even the entire real estate industry in China Wang Shi, brought the modern enterprise institutionalized management </p>
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