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750 floor stores

<p>manufacturers and distributors of one, Kyrgyzstan brand plate is one of the domestic recognized brand plate, is also one of the most trusted brands of consumers, would like to ask How does Asian Wood maintain the status of such a leading supplier of materials compared to other brands in the industry? [Asian Wood Robert Frazer]: a </p>
<p>business can enhance and maintain their dominant position, must have a unique magic, I think for the Asian wood industry, it has a 'three magic'. First of all, I am honored to tell you that our first magic weapon is: an experienced, from around the world by the top management team composed of management team, the team management and </p>
<p>operation of the five production bases; and At the marketing headquarters of Shanghai and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places of the sales branch; 750 floor stores, 850 MDF distribution center, we have nearly 3,000 employees from around the world, so that the elephant can Leading the Chinese plate </p>
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