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wooden doors, with natural beauty, environmental

<p>beech, Malan wood, rubber wood, high-grade walnut, cherry, Pear wood, rosewood and so on. The price of the original wooden door is usually higher, usually the price of high-grade wood logs to as high as 4,5 thousand or more. Part2: purchase must first plan the purchase of solid wood doors the advantages of solid wood doors more, so by many people welcome. But to remind you that the </p>
<p>decoration in the choice of solid wood when the door can not be arbitrary. But also need to focus on solid wood doors and home style, such as matching. 1, according to the style of the room selection of solid wood doors need to match the color of the room style. It is recommended that when the main colors of the living room are light-colored, the wooden doors such as white rubber and birch should be </p>
<p>selected. When the main colors in the room are dark, you should choose such as teak, sand berry, walnut Warm color of the wooden door. 2, according to the use of regional selection of foyer, living room doors are mostly used fan type, push-pull or folding door doors; bedroom door should choose warm and natural, elegant lines of all solid wood doors; study door design should adopt beautiful , Simple and </p>
<p>faux plastic wood panel water resistant<br />
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