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#1 2017-04-14 14:17:23

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My insights of such a phenomenon as seasonal offer of opening CS:GO sk

Hi there!!

I've admitted a particularity of special boxes on one web-site which offers to buy cases with CSGO items.

I've admitted that spins in such boxes are more profitable than in "usual".

Already for several months I'm checking the web resourse on the availability of such "Seasonal offers" and "Limited Edition" cases...

And on the April the 1st there appeared a case 1st April Fools with a mark "special offer" on the banner and after several opening I've got Gut knife lore minimal wear which I've sold for $107...

On the 17th of March there appeared "St. Patrick Case" with a mark "limited edition". I don't remember its price, something about $2 or $3 but the main thing is I've win from it Butterfly Knife Boreal Forest minimal wear and got for it on the market $85!

Did anybody notice the same thing with "Seasonal offer" boxes? Please share your experience!!


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