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#1 2017-12-08 01:04:54

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overall prices shows

short-term inside overall prices shows capable person of the Africa on home market very hard likewise relatively apparent go up evidence. Material is planted respect, cost of wood floor for porch data conformity shows such as is sanded since this month the African lumber market such as Billie and small zebra clinchs a deal volume performance is relatively low fan, and Aoguman and cling to the flower curium although mainstream breed still can assure

a certain quantity of shipment, composite pontoon deck kits nevertheless assembly pays an amount same show is relatively ordinary. From the point of the market level that shows level, predict to be in domestic lumber market is off-season atmosphere somewhat abreaction before, african ability is overall prices will still persist the pattern with overall performance small at present smooth part. Material is detail wood for flower box planted respect, data conformity shows

Shabili, Bai Mu is mixed since this month the sawn timber such as flyspeck horse clinchs a deal quantity than glided somewhat June, clinch a deal than benefit sawn timber best wood for fence non dene among them quantity than decreased June 27% the left and right sides, drop opposite taller. Clinch a deal valence respect, at present the ply on blessing person market is 5cm, the quote of the sanded sawn timber that compare profit that length is


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