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the floor will be stamped

<p>moisture content of the wood keel without drying is usually about 25%, if the keel is not pre-dried, then the humidity difference over the General Assembly to make the wood floor quickly absorb moisture, resulting in floor Arch, paint burst. Sixth, the fixed way Laying wooden floor should not be used to play wooden wedge plus nails </p>
<p>fixed way, will result in wedge and nail nails contact surface is too small to make grip nails less likely to cause the wooden keel loose, when the floor will be stamped There is noise. Simple style living room wooden floor picture to show the air conditioning space, to meet the functional needs under the premise of the space, people and things </p>
<p>reasonable exquisite combination of the most practiced brush strokes, depicting the most abundant and moving space effect, which is the design The highest level of art. Some wooden parlors lines elegant and elegant lines, and some powerful and full of rhythm, the entire three-dimensional forms are well-structured, rhythmic curve </p>
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