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#1 2017-12-07 03:38:51

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large scale area

This year in January, go in for sth in a large scale area environmental protection bureau is northerly Beijing Jing Nayi yuan furniture limited company (legal representative: plastic composite roof shakes Chen Yi yuan) open an administration to punish decision book. Punishing a reason is " in furniture production process, spray paint workshop did not install waste gas of volatile organic matter to pollute establishment of prevention and cure,

the waste gas of volatile organic matter aluminum composite panel system that spray paint produces discharges atmosphere environment directly without processing, right all round atmosphere environment causes pollution " , be in to fine 50 thousand yuan. Its official net introduces, laminate floor sealer for waterproofing card of its banner inferior " Chen happy yuan " with " innovation Beijing writer is provided " for characteristic,

set shop of collect carefully of the 1200 annatto that make the same score rice, tens of domestic brand brand shop, wood of development annatto, Hua Li, Yu 3 old series 2x6 select decking in Pasig many 300 product.


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