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effects on the ridge; if the floor is low

<p>nano-materials made of floor, mildew effect of such flooring is good, can eliminate the pathogenic bacteria in the environment, by many consumers. Let's take a look at the role of the nano-floor? 1, anti-mildew in most parts of our country, especially the vast southern region, due to humid climate, rainfall, environmental humidity, the resulting adverse factors One is to promote the growth of mold. </p>
<p>In the room environment, the furniture and the corners of the infrequent movement will mold to varying degrees, which is commonly referred to as &quot;moldy&quot; phenomenon. Mold will cause the furniture decay or the decorative layer is damaged, affecting the appearance. Nano-floor is mainly in the floor surface to add a layer of nano-titanium dioxide (TiO2), also known as &quot;photocatalyst&quot;, this </p>
<p>medium has the ability to kill mold, especially for indoor common &quot;Aspergillus&quot; is very good Kill effect, so as to achieve the effect of preventing mold. 2, to kill the pathogenic bacteria In the environment of the room will usually breed a variety of harmful pathogens, most of which will be in the ground or the ground and connected to the dead corners, these pathogens are often from dirt or </p>
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