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#1 2017-12-05 05:10:24

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this floor made of wood

<p>small spaces to be 'spacious' and bright. Matching with the light-colored floor, the best furniture also choose light-colored, like white, wood color is very good. Light-colored lines will not give the room a sense of oppression, so for small units is very suitable, if the larger interior space, then the choice of room will be greater, dark or light </p>
<p>colors can be. Color floor dark furniture For those who like the golden mean, the color floor should be considered 'good heart.' More color in the wild floor, a lot of color furniture can be with it well with. However, to say that with the color floor to get the most is the original wood color or dark furniture. Compared with the white floor, </p>
<p>the color floor to better reflect the theme of interior decoration and comfort, in this regard, of course, to choose the wood color and dark furniture, because they are easier to match. Dark floor + log furniture color why in the home environment is so important? Because it gives a sense of warmth, although the color itself does not have the </p>
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