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the mid-to-high-end solid wood flooring market

built more than 20 international automated production lines, and relying on strong technical strength of new product development of new technologies, using a number of the world's leading production technology and technology. At present, the overall production and sales volume of Anxin is among the highest in the country.
Its most famous brand, "Anxin Floor", has won the championship in the mid-to-high-end solid wood flooring market. "Essence" trademark has now joined the Madrid International Compact and is legally protected by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) member states.
At present, there are floor brands such as "Anxin", "Weiguang", "Bao You Te" and "Hierju" under AnWei Weiguang, which can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. An Weiguang also successfully launched in the United States "ARK" flooring brand, to achieve international brands,
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