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wood flooring market will not be calm

<p>patents in China, and individual patents have been approved by the Chinese government. As a result, the current foreign patent holders have been staring at China's flooring manufacturers,<a href=''>how to clean outdoor white composite wood furniture</a> want to charge a lot of patent fees. According to the sources, the Belgian U-nilin company, which currently owns the lock-in intellectual property in China, intends to impose a one-time royalty payment of 100,000 to 120,000 U.S.slabs that lok like decking dollars on each Chinese business. In addition, Rice floor levy 0.65 US dollars cost. Industry: actively solve the problem will not affect the retail trade industry price China Forestry Industry Association floor branch Secretary-General Lu </p>
<p>Bin said that industry-related organizations in the respect of intellectual property rights position, is studying how to solve this problem through consultations.<a href=''>plastic subfloor system</a> China Forest Products Industry Association has also set up a special working group for the intellectual property rights of the floor lock and engaged well-known intellectual property consultants, legal consultants and technical consultants to conduct a more comprehensive study and analysis of the domestic and foreign floor locking patent technologies. Individual patents of major enterprises were tracked and further analysis is still in progress.everbilt green plastic garden fence The members of the investigation team all agreed that </p>
<p>Chinese enterprises are trying their best to bring the compensation into a reasonable scope. Even if the expenses are too high, the enterprises need to be internally digested.<a href=''>replacing exterior rotting wood with wood plastic</a> Therefore, this intellectual property issue has not had much impact on the floor retail prices so far, 'Because raising prices is more risk to the business,' one business representative said more directly. Anti-bacterial, Photocatalyst, EO standardsinterior wall panel system malaysia Wood flooring industry for three consecutive years in a triumphant period, however, this year's CCTV 3.15 exposure of the 'European Code Incident' but like a flash of lightning to strengthen the magnificent sunset wood floor, not only for </p>


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