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#1 2017-07-25 14:54:40

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nature bridge annals

made day of nature bridge annals rectify encapsulation eat, nature floor of series of Dai Kun of door of wood of Qiu Deguang ARTDECO, nature and nature wear elder brother eat of 8090 whole decking over the trim of the pool encapsulation, offer personalized product for consumer. 2017, nature nature rolled out the solution of the household space such as room of sitting room, kitchen, Wei Yu, children, balcony. For instance the kitchen is fought corrupt floor, advocate dozen " oily salt is not invaded good do " ;

toilet prevents slippery floor, advocate dozen " waterproof prevent the slippery, place that follow a heart ' bath ' " ; balcony fights ageing floor, advocate hit " exposed to the sun and the easy to clean composite wood deck for terrace unripe, test that do not have dread " floor of; children originality, advocate hit originality, defend and floor of wear-resisting of custom-built; sitting room, advocate hit " attrition of life hard to avoid, knock against more is happy " . President a surname learns Bin to express,

nature floor wanted product of fractionize of industry of start shooting floor 2017 the first gun, from consumer the experience comes fractionize market, roll out room of sitting room, kitchen,garden wpc hollow decking suppliers  Wei Yu, children solve new plan. Holy elephant floor is the big boss of floor of the aggrandizement in floor industry, be being gotten in floor of pure real wood is nature floor inside the country for pioneer. And both sides has a product innovate, it is better that strive is offerred for consumer,


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